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Welcome to CDS Landscapes

Craig D. Seddon

I, Craig have had my business since 2000 and enjoyed every moment of it.

I give that personal service with quality workmanship and the finishing touches as though every job was my own place.

It’s so rewarding to have a business that brings as much pleasure to me as to my client, creating and designing together spaces large or small for everyday living. I get great satisfaction out of people’s faces when you can see the delight they have with their new or improved area.

I look forward to the opportunity of working for you with the professionalism that I pride myself on.

Kind Regards, Craig

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CDS Landscapes


CDS Landscapes & Building Maintenance
PO Box 13, Terranora NSW 2486
Ph/Fax: 07 5590 5429
Craig D Seddon: 0421 648 683
Kendall Seddon: 0407 668 566


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